by Christina Jenkins

Owner & Daughter

Not so long ago, on the outskirts of town, The Live Oak Tavern, was the happening place around! 

People would come from near and far to dance around and belly up to the bar. 

Denver and Jewel were not only husband and wife, but they were also the proprietors who brought this place to life. 

He could play the spoons and she could sing with the band…And everyone would watch when they danced hand in hand.

An article in the paper nick named Denver, Twinkle Toes, but Jewel was the lovely one that everyone knows. 

For years and years this was the place to go. People found the love of their lives doing the two step fast or slow. 

For a little live music that will put a smile on you face. They could kick up their heels and escape the rat race. 

And when the regulars walked through, Jewel always knew their names.

Long before Cheers shouted, “Norm” remember that little game!

They were more than just patrons that sat on a stool. The people in our community were like family, that was pretty cool. 

Back in the days before U.S. 40 gave way to highway 80, Taylor Road had stopping points to
purchase food and places to rest that were Shady. 

There are tales of famous people who had dropped in here and there…

 Johnny Cash and Buck Owens are just two that I’m aware. 

In the 80’s the 49ers came to our little town. Practicing at Sierra Collage is where they were bound. 

On their down time a few would stop on by…Might have been it’s out of town location
or the beautiful bartender was the why! 

In fact, Jewel was a pretty sharp pool player too. She never boasted, but I know she won quite a few! 

In 1989, a location scout was passing by. The rustic old Tavern caught their talented eye.
Perfect for the scene of a movie they were filming. Breaking the Rules was the title, Hell Hole, was the building.
The actors are quite famous now and at that time, Jason Bateman and Annie Potts both shared the headline.
C. Thomas Howell and Johnathan Silverman were the other two friends who traveled across the country
to reach the shoreline before the end. 

Then the bar closed for remodeling one year. And a few years later the OPEN sign did appear.

Music, dancing, and fun was all around. The “happeningest” place in Rocklin was once again found.
Then the unexpected happened when Jewel passed away. It was a very sad, solemn, heartbreaking day.

Things became quiet with just Denver around. And as the years went by, the bar became lonely on the outskirts of town.
Till the day it was opened for a celebration of life….Their daughter turned lemons to

lemonade, celebrating her husband’s amazing life! 

So it’s not just a bar but something special and profound…

Wanting to carry on the legacy of their parents and be a part of our growing town. 

So, being a tavern is just part of the place. We are holding events here and sharing our space! 

For 45 years and possibly more, this place has shared history outside of the town that we adore. 

Whether a wedding, a birthday, a special event, or such, stop on in and see and feel my personal touch. 

I’ll personally show you around the quaint little bar. As you think of all the possibilities, the location is not too far.

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